Request A Vote-by-Mail Ballot Today

Using a Vote-by-Mail ballot in Palm Beach County is a good idea. Making sure you’re signed up to get your ballot is important since Vote-by-Mail ballot requests now have an expiration date.

Find information and order one from the Supervisor of Elections office.

Boca Raton’s Municipal Election is on March 19, 2024. That’s the same day as the Presidential Preference Primary in which Democrats and Republicans vote on their party’s candidate for President of the United States.
Even if you aren’t registered as a D or an R, it is still important to vote in local elections. Local elected officials such as those serving on City Council, the School Board, the County Commission, as Sheriff, Tax Collector, Judges and Property Appraiser have a direct and lasting impact on your daily life. You owe it to yourself, your family and your community to vote on the best people for those jobs.
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