COVID-19 Recovery and Relief

  • Ensure a timely and efficient vaccine roll out process.
  • Focus on science-based solutions that prioritize health.
  • Provide support for Boca Raton’s residents and businesses.

Create Jobs and Support Local Businesses

  • Keep taxes and fees low to spur investment and job creation.
  • Listen and be responsive to local business owners.
  • Work with our local chamber and business organizations to attract high-paying jobs and companies to Boca Raton.

Improve Traffic and Stand Up for Our Neighborhoods

  • Ensure proper long-term planning to anticipate future traffic needs and meet those challenges today.
  • Invest in new technology that can improve traffic and make our roads safer.
  • Listen to our neighborhoods to address specific issues and projects.

Focus on Public Safety

  • Ensure first responders have the training and resources needed.
  • Work with our local hospitals, universities, and front line workers so our city is prepared for any challenge.

Manage Growth Smartly

  • Ensure projects have input from residents, so all voices are heard.
  • Make sure future development is aligned with the character of the surrounding neighborhood.